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How-To Protect Your Floors During a Home Improvement Project

Updating your home is a fun and exciting process. However, if you do not protect your floors correctly, your home improvement project could turn into an expensive renovation. The most common home renovation projects include painting, refinishing or rearranging furniture. Each of these can wreak major havoc on your floors if you do not take proper precautions. This article explains how to prevent damage to your flooring during your home improvement project.

House Paint

Spilled paint is a major mess to clean. When it spills onto your nice wood floors or carpet, the damage can seem irreversible. Scrubbing the paint out of wood floors can remove finish, making it look even worse than the initial damage. To prevent problems from spilled paint, lay down a protective floor covering. If you do spill paint on your floor, contact a professional house cleaner to remove the paint safely.

Dirt, Dust, and Debris

Muddy shoes. Slicing wood. Hauling Equipment. Home improvement can create a mess. If you don’t cover your floors, you will probably have to spend hours cleaning up. A protective covering can prevent debris from spreading and sticking to your floors.


Your floors are inevitably prone to scratches during a home improvement project. Heavy appliances or furniture might be moved. As careful as we are, the moment we are careless a scratch occurs. Use a floor paper to prevent scratches from occurring.

Even if you take every precautionary measure available to protect your floors during a home improvement project, damage can still occur. White Lotus Exquisite Home Cleaning will work to get the paint out of your floors and dust from all the tight corners. We are professional house cleaners in Reno and Sparks, Nevada. Contact us today!



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