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Would You Just Hire Any House Cleaning Service?

Would You Just Hire Any House Cleaning Service?

If you’re on the search for a cleaning service would you just hire any cleaning service? Here are tips on how to find a qualified house cleaning service that’s licensed and bonded.

house cleaning 4According to an article at articlesbase.com, “Is Your House Cleaning Service Provider Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?”

“What does “licensed, bonded and insured” mean? 
In a nutshell, a “licensed, bonded and insured” service provider guarantees that its house cleaning team will provide the qualified and competent service you expect and hired them for, and that the company will cover and compensate you for unfinished work and damages made by the work team (by accident, or deliberate action). 

Licensed to legally operate in your community: A “licensed” house cleaning service has been registered and certified by the appropriate state local government bureau to legally operate its business in the area when its license has been issued. Service providers and contractors in Columbus, Ohio are required to be licensed in order to conduct and operate their business. Obtaining a license for maid and house cleaning service is one of the most difficult licensing processes; the requirements are especially meticulous and rigorous because of the nature of their services. It’s a good start to get the license number of the house cleaning service you’re canvassing for. Tip: If you’d like to know more about a particular contractor’s service history, get their license number and look up their background through the Better Business Bureau. 

Bonded and committed to completing the job: A bonded house cleaning service guarantees to complete the job you hired them for, or compensate you otherwise. When a house cleaning team was unable to complete their work by the agreed deadline, a performance bond will typically cover you against the unfinished or improperly executed work. Ask for a complete list of their house cleaning services and what to expect.” To read the entire article click here.

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