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Why You Should Use Green Home Cleaning Services

There are many benefits of having professional residential house cleaning done. What’s even better is when you can find a company that cares about the environment by using non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Green Cleaning Company

According to an article at superpages.com/supertips,

“A green cleaning company is a housekeeping business that operates with environmentally friendly business practices and whose staff uses environmentally friendly cleaning products. Green cleaning companies use a combination of green cleaning products and natural products that you probably have in your own home, such as vinegar. Depending on the state you live in, a green cleaning company may require a license before advertising themselves as such, so be sure to find out before you hire any specific company. When determining whether hiring a green cleaning company is a good option for you, it can be helpful to know some benefits to hiring such a company.

What Is a Green Cleaning Company?

A green cleaning company is a professional housekeeping service whose top priority—other than the cleanliness of your home—is safekeeping the environment. The staff of a green cleaning company achieves this by using environmentally friendly materials and methods. A green cleaning company uses products that the National Products Association (NPA) deems acceptable for use in environmentally friendly areas. The NPA has strict requirements on what constitutes a green cleaning material and requires such cleansers to contain at least 95 percent natural ingredients, the manufacturer must not test it on animals, and the manufacturing process must be environmentally friendly.”

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Green Home Cleaning Services

Hire a cleaning service that cares about the environment. White Lotus provides green home cleaning services by using supplies that are safe for the environment. Call 775-856-2345 to learn more about our services.

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