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Why Residential House Cleaning Is So Important

Are you one of many Americans that just aren’t really into vacuuming? Part of house cleaning involves vacuuming for a reason. If residential house cleaning isn’t your thing or you just need a thorough cleaning in Reno, NV, White Lotus can handle the job.

Don’t Skip Vacuuming

According to an article from homecleanermagazine.com,

“America has a dirty secret – and it’s lurking in our homes. A recent Kenmore brand survey found nearly half of Americans (49 percent) say that when it comes to vacuuming they cut corners by skipping areas underneath or behind furniture. Some clean only when they see visible dirt on the floor. That means they might be missing the 100,000 dust mites on the average square yard of carpet. With fall allergy season upon us and holidays just around the corner, renowned home keeping expert and author of The Accidental Housewife Julie Edelman says now is the perfect time to bring these dirty secrets out into the light of day and tackle dirt and dust in our homes.

Edelman suggests that when it comes to keeping your home clean it really starts at the ground floor. According to the Kenmore survey, 50 percent of Americans occasionally or never take off their shoes before entering the house. To combat dust, dirt and allergens from being tracked through the house, create a no shoes rule in your home and place a mat at all entryways. Also, use a vacuum certified “asthma and allergy friendly” by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). As the first vacuum brand to receive this AAFA recognition, the Kenmore® Intuition Upright Vacuum uses both bags and filters that are HEPA certified to assist with better air quality. HEPA cloth bags capture 99.97 percent of all dirt, dust and allergens to meet the HEPA standard.

“I’m all about making housework a pleasant experience but it seems most of today’s vacuums care more about looks versus getting the job done,” said Edelman. “Having clean floors not only looks great, but it also prevents the spread of dust mites that cause allergies. Selecting the right vacuum can lead to a healthier, cleaner home, and give you more time to do the activities you enjoy, rather than doing chores.”

Reno Cleaning Services

Just because you can’t always see the dirt doesn’t mean your house is always clean. Vacuuming is an essential part of house cleaning so don’t skip this important step. If vacuuming, or cleaning in general, isn’t your thing… hire a residential house cleaning service. White Lotus Exquisite Home Cleaning provides premier Reno cleaning services, contact us today!


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