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Who’s Managing the Office Cleaning in Your Work Environment?

Is your office behind on the cleaning? Still trying to manage your duties in the office, but at the same time take on the role of the cleaning service? Here are few helpful tips on why a cleaning service is so important for the office environment.

cleanAccording to an article at bbcleaningservice.com, “The Importance of Office Cleaning”

“Why is a Clean Office Important?

A clean office is; of course, much more pleasant than an unclean one, but more importantly, a clean office is a safe office. “Sick buildings” that ruin employees’ health are just buildings that desperately needed a thorough office cleaning–and didn’t get one! Lack of fresh air, inadequate ventilation, buildup of dust and dirt, exposure to chemical fumes or toxic mold can make an office space not just unpleasant, but dangerous to workers’ health. Headache, dizziness, nausea and lethargy that seem to happen only at the workplace may be a sign that a complete office building cleaning is in order. Large cities with many office buildings are in special need of cleaning services. NYC is a good example.

What Workers Can do to Keep a Clean Office

Studies have shown that the average work desk has more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is probably because so many people eat at their desks, and so few clean them. According to one survey, only slightly more than a third of respondents cleaned their work areas every week. One of the most important things workers can do to stay healthy is to clean their desk, computer keyboard and mouse at least once a week, or to hire office cleaners who will do so.” To read the entire article click here.

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