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Who Hasn’t Encountered These Common House Cleaning Mistakes?

Who Hasn’t Encountered These Common House Cleaning Mistakes?

Are you aware of common cleaning mistakes in the home? For many people cleaning the house is a time consuming task. Let’s take a look at common mistakes that many homeowners make.

Green CleaningAccording to an article at womansday.com, “Common House Cleaning Mishaps”

“Scrubbing and scouring is the key to keeping a tidy home, right? Though you may have the best of intentions, some cleaning blunders can actually end up doing more harm then good. For example, washing your windows on a sunny day may be causing those stubborn streaks you see on the glass. “Being aware of common cleaning mistakes can protect your investment in your home,” says Daron Tandberg, owner of White Glove Cleaning Services in Yakima, Washington. “It’s better to prevent damage than to try to repair it.” Read on for common cleaning no-no’s, plus info on how to do the job correctly.

Mistake #1: You scrub spills out of carpeting.

Do you hit the ground scrubbing every time a glass of red wine or juice box topples over? “Scrubbing actually untwists carpet fibers, causing the pile to become distorted,” says Bruce Vance, master textile cleaner with Town & Country Services in Pittsboro-Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “Once the damage is done, it’s permanent.” In other words, even though you might be able to eventually get a stain out of carpet, you won’t ever be able to fix untwisted fibers. The smarter way to remove a stain is by first scraping up what you can with a spoon. Then blot the area with a clean white cloth or white paper towel (avoid styles with designs because they may bleed). Continue blotting until dry, or place a heavy book on top of the towels, changing them out frequently, until no more moisture is absorbed. Now you’re ready to treat the spot with a stain remover, but be sure to pretest the product in a hidden area first to make sure it won’t fade your carpet’s color.

 Mistake #2: You clean windows on a sunny day.

If bright sunshine inspires you to make your windows gleam, take pause. “Due to the heat of the sun, the cleaning solution you use will dry too quickly and leave streaks on the glass,” says Liz Trotter, owner of American Maid Cleaning in Olympia, Washington. Your best bet is to choose a cloudy day or work when the temperature isn’t higher than 70°F outside. Apply any window cleaning solution you like; all contain agents that will help lift dirt off the window. Let the product sit for a minute, then use a white-backed sponge (the kind for non-stick cookware) to work the solution around the window. Pull a squeegee once horizontally across the top, then vertically down the entire window, overlapping strokes slightly. Keep pressure even, and wipe blade after each stroke to prevent drips. This method will work on both the inside and outside of windows.” To read the entire article click here.

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