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White Lotus is an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company in Reno Nevada

What are you doing to save our planet? Do you have a cleaning service that comes to your home or office in Reno Nevada; are they an official green cleaning company? Learn about why you should only hire a green cleaning company.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

According to an article from abm.com,

“1. Environmentally friendly cleaning creates healthier surroundings.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products help improve indoor air quality and reduce the health problems that traditional products cause. Building occupants, visitors and janitorial staff experience fewer incidents of skin, eye and respiratory irritations or burns; allergies; multiple-chemical sensitivities; headaches; nausea or other gastrointestinal ailments; poisoning; cancer; reproductive hazards and/or damage to internal organs.

2. Healthier environments increase productivity and marketability.

Healthier employees mean happier employees. Statistics show increased worker satisfaction, improved morale, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity and efficiency.

Employees and customers appreciate knowing that green practices and environmentally friendly cleaning products are used in the building. Going green helps you market your business as a socially conscious one.

3. Green cleaning helps the earth.

Implementing a green program can reduce the negative effect your cleaning and sanitary operations have on the environment.  Using environmentally friendly cleaning products in the right manner helps decrease air pollution, water pollution, ozone depletion and global climate change.  Green practices also promote recycling, reduce the use of raw materials and minimize toxic products requiring disposal.

4.   Environmentally friendly cleaning reduces costs.

Janitorial companies who are well-trained on environmentally friendly cleaning practices and products can positively impact the facility’s budget.  An effective program can reduce costs to building management, tenants, and/or the janitorial company, including costs associated with sick leave, health care, productivity loss and litigation. In addition, environmentally friendly cleaning practitioners use energy-efficient equipment (e.g., vacuum cleaners) and perform preventative maintenance to reduce future expenses.

The actual cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products has become more competitive with the price of conventional counterparts, especially when other factors are considered in determining the true cost.  For example, a conventional product that is extremely high in alkaline could burn a janitor, which would result in additional medical and sick leave costs, and these increased operating costs may be passed on to the facility.

5. Going green increases the safety of the building and protects property values.

While the crux of using environmentally friendly cleaning products is about reducing health risks — for humans and other living things — the process provides other benefits to the facility.  Green procedures, including proper use, storage and disposal of materials, actually reduce the likelihood and frequency of fires, explosions, spills and splashes. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are less hazardous and reduce the risk that janitors, the facility or an occupant will be harmed by the product.”

An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company

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