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What to Consider When Hiring a House Cleaning Pro in Reno

What to Consider When Hiring a House Cleaning Pro in Reno

Will this be the first time having a professional house cleaning service in the home? Learn what to consider to make the process of having a cleaning service in the home hassle free.

clean house 2According to an article at huffingtonpost.com, “Need to Find a Cleaning Service”

“Is there any cleaning that needs to be done before the cleaning?
“The less of a total disaster they show up to, the more likely it is that they can do a serious, deep cleaning on the areas you really hate to do yourself,” March says. “So consider picking up your socks and putting a few things in the right places so you’re pro can focus on that funk behind the toilet.”

It turns out, you won’t be alone, according to Jake Dwyer, Director of Operations for Handybook. “We’ve actually done a study on this in London and found that 2 out of 3 Londoners clean their home before a cleaner comes, he told HuffPost Home.

So do I stay in my home while it’s being cleaned? Or is that weird?
Among the experts we interviewed, the consensus is that it’s all up to you. Some folks like to be on hand to walk the housekeeper through their home, while others would rather leave it to the professional. Either way, any awkwardness should subside after the first meeting.

What kind of things are off-limits to a cleaning pro? (i.e. Don’t expect them to…)
?There are many things that the industry disagrees on, including biohazards like blood or urine, even pet messes. For Homejoy, its black mold, Tye explains. “It’s toxic, so it needs to be dealt with by a separate professional. We also don’t move heavy furniture; we don’t do blinds or outdoor work. And you have to have a certain certification to deal with pests. We’re not exterminators.” To read the entire article click here.

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