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What Questions Should You Ask a Potential Cleaning Service?

What Questions Should You Ask a Potential Cleaning Service?

Who really wants to spend the time cleaning the house when there’s so much to do during the summer? If you’re in need of spending more time with the family, here are tips to get the best house cleaning service.

house cleaningAccording to article at consumerist.com, “House Cleaning Service”

“1. Seek out references. Do any of your neighbors or co-workers use a cleaning service? Ask them: How much they pay hour and how often they have them scheduled.

2. Ask Questions! When you get the service on the phone, ask, ask, ask, in no particular order…

a. How long have you been in business?

Obviously the longer, the better. Look them up in the BBB to make sure they have a spotless record with them.

b. Do you have insurance?

You want a resounding yes. If they break something or get hurt in your home you’re off the hook without using your homeowners insurance.

c. Are your employees screened/licensed/bonded/insured?

You want a yes here too. This means the employees have had a criminal background check AND should something go awry you can be compensated.

d. Are your employees *actual* employees of the company, and not contractors or third party vendors/suppliers?

You want actual employees. Contractors and third party vendors/suppliers are a gamble you do NOT want to take.

e. What type of services do/don’t you provide?

Some don’t do windows or laundry, some do. If you have specific things you need done, ask and ask how much extra it costs. To read the entire article click here.”

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