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What Do You Avoid Cleaning in Your Home?

What Do You Avoid Cleaning in Your Home?

Even if you clean your home on a regular basis, there are spots that we tend to forget? Learn about places that many people forget to clean that need seasonal cleaning.

mom tired of cleanngAccording to an article at groundreport.com, “Don’t Forget to Clean this Places in Your Home”

“There are places in our homes that we tend to forget to clean, and that usually happens due to their inaccessibility. If you want to do the seasonal cleaning right then you must pay attention to this spots:

Behind and under our furniture/appliances

Do you move your furniture when you mop your floors? Do you ever remove cobwebs behind your wardrobe? How about behind your stove? These place are usually the forgotten places, but if you cannot see it, that doesn’t mean that the dirt doesn’t exist in your homes. Do this at least twice a year, especially if you have pets in your home or if you have small children.

Fridge Defrosting

Fridge defrosting should also be done a couple of times a year. There are a few reasons for that. First, this is the best way to maintain it clean. Second, you will prolong its lifespan by defrosting regularly because all the ice can be harmful for other fridge parts. Third, you will get the chance to throw the things that might not be the best choice for a meal, and lastly, you will get rid of all the mixed odor from the refrigerator.

Curtains and drapes

Curtains and drapes might look clean, but they are constantly filled with dust. In a house where people smoke, it gets even worse, all that smoke and smell gets stuck into the fabric. If you are suffering from allergies, this can be something really irritating, causing you to sneeze constantly, cough or even have watery eyes. Wash your curtains each month and you will immediately see the results. Your home will look and smell better, and it will certainly be much cleaner.” To read the entire article click here.

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