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Are you just a little too busy to have a consistent Reno house cleaning routine? Need a little help in that department? Life is too short to spend your free time cleaning so leave it to the professionals at White Lotus Exquisit

Healthy Living Conditions

According to housekeepingchannel.com,

“Life is messy at times. And it’s surprising how fast a neat and tidy home can get dirty, especially with kids and/or pets. Generally speaking, a dirty environment where dust, dirt, microbes, mold, and potential pathogens thrive does not promote good health. There are, however, at least two things that can be done to create a clean and healthy indoor living environment: having a regular cleaning routine and hiring a certified professional for periodic deep cleaning.

Reno House Cleaning Routine

The first line of defense against dirty living conditions is: have a regular cleaning routine. What does that mean?

•Dusting blinds, window sills, and hard surfaces, as well as sweeping, mopping, and, especially vacuuming with a high-filtration machine on a regular basis can remove a high percentage of dust and dirt.

•Using cleaning products that remove or kill harmful germs and sanitize areas like bathrooms, countertops, tables, hard surfaces where food is prepared or eaten can minimize the health dangers caused from dirty surfaces and germs. (Be sure to read the manufacturers’ labels noting application instructions and possible dangers.)

Hire Professional Cleaners

Although there is much homeowners can do to clean up and improve living conditions, periodic deep cleaning is an important and highly beneficial supplement to the homeowner’s cleaning routine. Certified professional cleaners are able to do deeper levels of cleaning, reach difficult-to-clean areas and employ special training, techniques, and/or equipment.”

Remember that life is hectic, so why not take advantage of professional cleaners in Reno? Let White Lotus take one thing off your to do list. Contact us today for our exceptional residential cleaning services.

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