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Tough Areas to Keep Clean in the Home

We all have spots in our home that are difficult to keep clean, especially between the times your house cleaning service comes. Here are tips for some of the toughest places to keep clean in the home.

According to an article at trivalleycentral.com, “Household Cleaning Tips”

house cleaning“Here is cleaning and repair advice for six areas of your home where you can prevent little stuff from becoming big, bad stuff. In some cases, the toughest jobs should probably be handled by a licensed contractor.

How can I stop grout between tiles from getting grungy?

First, wet the surface with mild soapy water and let it sit a while. Then brush the grout with a tooth-brush and rinse it off. Again, you probably have to avoid cleaners that contain harsh chemicals, acids or lemon, ammonia or vinegar. Once the grout is completely cleaned, let it dry and seal it with a grout stain. Be careful not to stain the tiles, too. This could be a very grueling job if you’re doing an entire floor full of tiles, so you might want to seek professional help.

How can I clean my new wood flooring?
No matter what wood flooring you have, whether solid, engineered or laminate, you want to vacuum regularly, preferably with a brush attachment. Wood and water don’t mix, so never pour water on the floor. But a mop or rag slightly dampened with a diluted wood cleaning product can be used on some areas. Do spot repairs with color-matched filler from the hardware store. You can also lightly sand very tiny damaged spots and re-stain them. For larger spots, hire professional help because the repaired area will need to have a clear-coat finish applied to it.

What do I do about doggy spots and odors?
If you’ve had animal accidents, you know that even if the smell and stain fade, you may never completely eliminate the problem. You need a professional cleaning done with an enzyme-based deodorizer. A carpet cleaner can use a black light to detect hidden stains. Workers can also pull back the carpet and deodorize or even replace the padding. If problems have gone that far, it may be time to lay tile instead of carpet.” To read the entire article click here.

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