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Tired of Trying to Clean the House, But Still No Result?

Tired of Trying to Clean the House, But Still No Result?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only person that can’t keep up with the house cleaning? Want to learn how you’re not alone in not having enough time for house cleaning?

mom tired of cleanngAccording to an article at express.co.uk, “One Woman’s Story on House Cleaning”

“Autumn is the worst, when all the leaves in Herefordshire end up on our lawn and half of them get tramped into the house (sometimes I wonder about Mother Nature – I mean, if she was any sort of woman, the whole lot would drop on the same day, making it a darn sight easier to tidy up). 

Which brings me to the laundry cupboard on the landing. This is ever so useful, especially as there’s a radiator lurking behind it – but being dark, cozy and full of warm, soft bedding, it is also particularly inviting to cats. And because the door is old and rickety and the catch doesn’t close properly, it’s not unusual to reach in for a fluffy towel and grab a fluffy tail instead. 

That problem came to a head recently, when we were expecting overnight guests. 

I went to the cupboard for clean linen, only to find every towel coated in cat hair and every duvet cover, pillow or sheet autographed with paw prints. The whole lot would need washing again.

On the day of the great task, the first load went in at 6.15am and our hard-working washing machine groaned and puffed until the last lot came out at teatime. By then the whole house smelled like a spring meadow and every single radiator was draped in sheets and duvet covers.” To read the entire article click here.

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