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Tips on How to Manage the Dust in Your Home

Tips on How to Manage the Dust in Your Home

Are you tired of the dust buildup in your home? Need some relief? Here are tips on how to control the dust in your home.

clean houseAccording to an article at angieslist.com, “How to Reduce the Dust in your Home”

“1. Make it easy to clean. knick knacks, books and shelving around the home may add to its aesthetic, but these elements also also make cleaning more difficult. Donate or get rid of items you don’t use. You’ll make cleaning easier and reduce the time you spend doing it.

2. Set the stage. In addition to removing clutter, set the stage for best cleaning practices by employing the right tools. Arm yourself with an electrostatic dusting tool, such as a Swiffer duster, which traps dust permanently. Non-electrostatic dusters simply move dust around. Carpeting attracts significant amounts of dust, too, settling deep into its fibers. Opt for hard-surface flooring throughout the home wherever possible. Getting rid of carpeting reduces the dust that accumulates, and your cleaning efforts will be more thorough, especially if you use a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered vacuum.

3. Deal with bedding. Yes, dust–and dust mites–rest in your mattress and pillows. Make them dust-proof by enclosing them with specialized casings that prevent dust mites from penetrating through the material. Purchasing the casings requires minimal investment that packs a powerful punch: The encasement stop dust from reaching the recesses of your mattress and pillows, where mites wreak havoc. To make sure your bedding stays dust-free, too, wash it weekly in hot water, which kills the mites.

4. Run the furnace fan while vacuuming and dusting. It may surprise you to learn that dusting stirs up dust. In fact, it may take as long as two hours for any dust that’s been stirred up to come to rest on the home’s surfaces. Deal with allergen-laden dust particles that float through the air by turning on the furnace fan while dusting, and for a few hours once the job is done. The force of the fan will circulate the air through the home, and through the furnace’s filter, which traps the particles.” To read the entire article click here.

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