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Tips for a Manageable Home Cleaning Routine

What are daily things one should do to make your home less chaotic? Need help with what you should focus on when your house cleaning service is not cleaning that day? Here are a few tips on how to make your life more manageable between the times you’re cleaning service comes to clean your home in Reno, NV.

A Home Cleaning Routine

According to the article at cleanmama.blogspot.com,

“It’s up to you how much cleaning you want to implement them in your home, but that’s part of what making a cleaning routine fit into your life and become part of what you do.

Laundry – Do at least one load a day.  When laundry is done every day, the loads are smaller and more manageable – no more mountains of laundry.

Clutter – I do a quick declutter every day.  This usually consists of opening mail, filing bills, and a couple quick counter clean ups.  The kids do a quick toy clean up (with some help and reminding) a couple times a day.

Counters – wipe down counters.  The kitchen counters get wiped down as needed after meals and dishes are put in the dishwasher.  No dishes piled up on the counters (most of the time) really helps the overall cleaned up look of the kitchen.  I also wipe down bathroom counters as needed during the week.

Sweep Floors – as needed, usually after meals, I do a quick sweep of the kitchen floor.  Sometimes the kids do this with a little hand broom for me, other times we get out the big broom and dust pan. This keeps the floors clean during the week and in between weekly vacuuming and floor washing.”

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