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The Value of a House Cleaning Service

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market in Reno, NV? You might want to consider a cleaning company! A clean and decluttered home can increase the value of your home.

How to Get Your Home Ready for the Housing Market

According to an article at wikihow.com, ” How to Get Your Home Ready for the Housing Market”

  1. “Do a basic cleaning. Nothing will give you a better return on your investment than a little elbow grease. A cleaner house will look more appealing to your realtor when he or she helps you set a price, as well as to the appraiser the bank sends out when you have an offer. Here are some ideas:
  2. Get rid of clutter. Make your house look more spacious by eliminating junky or unnecessary items. Get rid of battered furniture, decaying knick-knacks and piles of paper – or, if you can’t stand to part with anything, throw your stuff in a storage unit until after the house sells. Remember that it’s better to show a somewhat barren house than one that’s filled to the brim with clutter.
  3. Do a deep clean. Once you have more room to work, undertake a thorough house cleaning. Not only should you do usual chores such as mopping or dusting, but focus on rarely-cleaned areas such as baseboards, grout and heating vents. Steam clean your carpets, and wash walls and windows. Wipe down the blinds, and remove any broken screens. Pressure-wash any siding on the outside of your house, as well as the sidewalks and driveways. If you don’t have the time to undertake such a project, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. Many of them specialize in residential properties for lease or for sale.”

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Premier Reno House Cleaning Service

When possible buyers look through your home, you’ll want it sparkling clean. You’re already stressed about trying to sell your home, so reduce the stress of having to clean it too by simply hiring a professional cleaning service. Contact White Lotus at (775) 856-2345 to learn more about our residential cleaning services.

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