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The Importance of Green Cleaning During Pregnancy in Reno Nevada

The Importance of Green Cleaning During Pregnancy in Reno Nevada

With the great news of expecting, cleaning your home is probably the last thing you think about in Reno Nevada. When it comes to pregnancy and house cleaning have you considered the importance of a green cleaning service?  

pregnancy and green cleaning service According to an article at pregnancy.about.com, “Pregnancy and Household Chores

“It would be lovely if all of your chores disappeared when you had a positive pregnancy test, but alas, this is not some fairy tale land. The truth of the matter is that pregnancy does not render one incapable of doing household chores or keeping the house clean in general. Though there are a few new rules to housekeeping that should be followed in pregnancy:

Avoid fumes.

Harsh, abrasive chemicals may need to be nixed if you haven’t already. Try your hand at some green cleaning. This will protect you in pregnancy, but also prepare you for a shift in how you care from your home without harsh chemicals once your baby is born.”

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