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Health Benefits of Having a Cleaning Service

What is the key to a happy home? A clean home! Remember the saying “happy wife, happy life?” Well, what makes your wife happier than a clean home? Cleaning a home can be a lot for one person and a cleaning service can help with that. Not only will professional house cleaners take the hard work off your hands but that many health benefits of having a cleaning service.

Clean Home, Happy Home

According to an article from lovelyish.com,

“Waking up in a clean room starts my day off right. I feel calm and optimistic. Waking up in a room strewn with things that don’t belong on the floor, however, makes me cranky. I’m not obsessively organized, in fact I could stand to do some cleaning out of my closet right now, but I have an innate affinity for clean, open spaces. This simple pleasure of mine made me wonder – does this hold true for everyone? Do clean spaces naturally make people happier?

Obviously there are health benefits, such as not stepping on or tripping over things, less dust in the air you breath, no room for mold to grow in your bathroom. According to feng shui, clutter disrupts the flow of energy in the area. The energy becomes still, and ought to flow to like it not to, and we all know what happens when water is stagnant; I assume the same holds true for energy. I’m not a feng shui follower, but I have to admit, in a cluttered room I am unable to concentrate, a little bit cranky, and constantly tired.

There are no conclusive studies about how clutter affects one’s mental health, although research is ongoing, and many experts claim that decluttering your home or office space will make you more productive, more positive, and in some cases can even help you lose weight. The key thing to remember, they say, is that decluttering is not organizing things into bins. It is eliminating unnecessary and un-useful objects from your life.

Do you find that you work better in clean areas? Does being in a clean room make you happier?”

Professional House Cleaners

Have too much on your plate but you want a clean and happy home? Hire the professional house cleaners from White Lotus Exquisite Home Cleaning! For more information on our cleaning services and how you can benefit from it, contact us today!

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