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Eco Friendly Cleaning: House Cleaning and Your Health

Having a cleaning service benefits any household, but what’s even better is finding one that is eco-friendly. Learn why it’s so important for your health to use a cleaning service that cares about the environment.

The Purpose of Eco-Friendly Cleaning

According to an article from ecomall.com,

“Cleaning is not an activity we associated with illness; in fact one might argue that having clean surroundings actually promotes good health. That is true to a point, what should be taken into account though is what has been done in achieving those clean surroundings. We all know the dangers of harsh chemicals and fumes, yet in our day to day lives we may take for granted the unseen dangers involved when cleaning with such toxins. I have been in the cleaning service industry for more than fifteen years and in that time I have used a variety of cleaning products and techniques. Having your home cleaned by a professional maid service is a convenience that many people enjoy. Such a service provides you with the very important luxury of free time; however, returning to a home cleaned with toxic chemicals may leave you exposed to the many risks associated with using them.

For your home to be truly clean you must use effective products, however those products don’t need be toxic to generate your desired results. Now I could quote many sources and present you with scientific data on the different chemicals in those cleansers but I won’t do that. I will instead, rely on my own experiences with both types of cleaning products. In my own home, I use nothing but safe cleaning supplies and have been thoroughly impressed by the results. I made the change after many years of suffering with allergies. My allergy symptoms have drastically been reduced after a few months of using non-toxic cleansers.

Children and pets are also very vulnerable to the consequences of using those toxic cleaning products. Imagine bringing your new born baby into a home cleaned with bleach and other harsh chemicals, or having your child crawling around on a floor cleaned with pine oil or some other pungent cleanser. Natural, non-toxic cleaning products can clean and sanitize your home as good, or better than, conventional products and leave no toxic residue.”

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company

Using toxic household cleaning products can negatively affect your health. Switch over to green cleaning products or even better, hire an eco-friendly cleaning company. White Lotus cares about both your health and the environment. Contact us at (775) 856-2345 to learn more about the green cleaning products we use.

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