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The Best Licensed and Bonded House Cleaning Service in Reno Nevada

The Best Licensed and Bonded House Cleaning Service in Reno Nevada

Do you understand why you should hire a cleaning service that’s licensed and bonded? Learn about the importance of a cleaning service that’s license and bonded in Reno Nevada?

According to an article at superpages.com, “The Different Types of Cleaning Service Requirements”

“Many states require professional house cleaners to possess a license to advertise itself legally as a house cleaning business. A license requires several things to be in place, namely, bonding and insurance. Bonding is a type of insurance that keeps your possessions safe when the house cleaning staff is in your home. Insurance protects you as the customer in case a house cleaner is hurt on the job and requires medical attention, as it protects you from being responsible for the medical bills. Licensing for a house cleaning business vary from state to state, so you should find out the requirements for your state before hiring a bonded house cleaning business.

Types of Bonded House Cleaning

There are two types of bonding: surety bonding and fidelity insurance. Surety bonding is a notice that states, in case the house cleaner does not finish the job, the company has the requisite funds to hire another one to get the job done. This usually only applies to very large cleaning jobs, but can help homeowners as well. Fidelity insurance, also commonly known as employee dishonesty or a crime policy, offers coverage for loss of money, securities, or property by the employees of the cleaning company. This means that in the event of theft, the house cleaning company’s insurance covers your losses.

The Importance of Hiring a Bonded House Cleaning Service

Hiring a bonded house cleaning service is very important for several reasons. Over 40 percent of all theft claims are ultimately the result of house cleaning services. Hiring a licensed house cleaning service ensures that it is both bonded and insured to prevent such theft from happening in your home. A business owner that knows enough about the law to protect his or her business from it while simultaneously protecting his prospective customers’ interests is a good sign, since it indicates that the bonded house cleaning service’s staff can adequately address any needs you may have.”

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