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The Benefits of Spring Cleaning for a Healthier Home in Reno

The Benefits of Spring Cleaning for a Healthier Home in Reno

What does spring cleaning mean for you, nothing or time to get the house clean? Spring is a time for new beginnings. Learn about the importance of spring cleaning for a happy and healthier home.

clean houseAccording to an article at charlotteobserver.com, “Tired of Seeing An Accumulation of Dust?”

“Spring is new beginnings,” said Beth Dannenhauer, owner of the Maid in Heaven cleaning service in Charlotte. “It kind of transcends into the house: ‘Let’s just give this a good cleaning.’ It’s good for the soul.”

And, she points out, it’s also good for the body. Accumulated dust mites, airborne allergens and dust particles can make us sick, especially in today’s nearly air-tight homes.

“Healthwise,” said Dannenhauer, “it’s very important to get that house clean, get it disinfected, do those chores that you maybe don’t do but once a year.”

But while most of us feel at least a tiny twinge of that spring-cleaning bug this time of year, not everyone actually rolls up sleeves and gets it done. We like the idea of a tidier, healthier home, but we don’t really like scrubbing baseboards.”To read the entire article click here.

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