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Start off 2013 With a Green Cleaning Service

Start the new year off right with professional home cleaning and taking steps to be more environmentally friendly! Cleaning products are more toxic and damaging on your body and your home than you might assume, which is why it is more beneficial to look into a company that only uses green cleaning products.

Green Cleaning Service

According to an article at forshieldcleaning.com,

“Make your home clean and green

Step one for green cleaners is: Open a window and let those pollutants out! Yet even in the spring and summer, when a vase of daffodils can fill a room with a lovely natural scent, many consumers stubbornly keep using synthetic room fresheners and fragranced cleaning products that are full of VOCs and other toxic chemicals. These can make our indoor air unhealthy, provoke skin, eye, and respiratory reactions, and harm the natural environment. We know that it’s not always easy living a green lifestyle, but we also know that you know it’s important.

After all, the Green Revolution is not going away and we all want to do the right thing. First up, you’ll want to avoid certain products such as air fresheners, oven cleaners and other conventional products which may contain harmful components. Make your own cleaning concoctions from really natural, time-tested goodies like vinegar and baking soda.”

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Green Home Cleaning Services

Start the new year off with a clean home. White Lotus can make your home shine even with green home cleaning products that are still safe on your home and for the environment. Learn more about our services by calling (775) 856-2345 or fill out the form below.

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