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Spring Cleaning Preparation Tips

With spring soon approaching, are you ready for spring cleaning? Let’s look at the best ways to prepare for the upcoming spring cleaning season.

According to an article homedit.com, “Spring Cleaning Tips”

cleaning professional 1“1. Buy the supplies.

You can’t clean without the means to. So, make sure you’re all stocked up on cleaning supplies. Sponges, mops and all the solutions you think you may need. Then make sure they’re ready and organized and not scattered around the house. Keep them in a shelving unit in the laundry room or in the kitchen or bathroom under the sink.

2. Check the outside.

After a long winter, the outside of your house may need some repairing. All you need to do is take a nice long walk around the house, checking the nook and crannies for problems. Whether it’s paint touch-up or re-caulking pillars, knowing your outside is ready for summer will help to energize you when it’s time work on the interior.

3. Grab some home fragrance.

Stock up on some pretty smells for the house. New candles, oils and wall filters will help to liven up your stoic winter house. Refresh the space with some great fragrances to start off your cleaning adventure. Just make sure every room has something to revive it.

4. Interior double-takes.

Just like on the outside, you want to make sure everything is working on the inside. Air conditioning units, ventilation, etc … should all be checking and made sure it’s in proper working order. Especially since high temperatures are on the horizon. You don’t want to find out that your AC isn’t working when the hot weather rolls in.” To read the entire article click here.

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