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Spring Cleaning is a Family Affair

Are you tired of doing all the work when it comes to spring cleaning? Are you looking for ways to get the kids involved in the cleaning process? Here are tips on how to get the kids involved with spring cleaning.

According to an article at huffingtonpost.com, “Getting the Whole Family Involved with Spring Cleaning”

42770102_s“Give Them Their Own Stuff

Kids, especially young kids, love having things that are their very own—and that includes cleaning supplies. I love this idea from Pink and Green Mama: make a little cleaning caddy. You can fill the caddy with all-natural cleaning supplies and tools such as an old sock for cleaning floors and microfiber cloths for dusting furniture. For older kids, you can even add a handheld vacuum.

Pump Up the Jams

Literally — turn up the music. Even adults seem to be more inspired to complete a task when good music is being played. There are several “clean up” songs that young kids enjoy, but if you’ve had your fill of Dora and Barney, there are other fun options such as “15 Songs for Hipster Kids and Their Parents” and “10 Pop Songs Little Kids Can Dance To (oh, and their parents can hang, too)”. Soon the entire family will be dancing around the clean living room!

Teamwork Makes the Clean Work

In general, kids enjoy doing tasks where they are part of a group. So, before you send little Jimmy off to clean the bathroom by himself, consider joining him. “While Dad wields the bowl cleaner and the tile brush, his helper can scrub the sink, polish the fixtures, empty the trash and trundle towels and rugs to the laundry room,” writes organizedhome.com. This helps you model the behavior you want to see from your children and it is a great way to sneak in some quality kid conversations.

Set a Timer

A simple timer is a must-have for all of your cleaning-with-kid projects. Set the timer for a respectable amount of time (5 minutes should do it) and have your children pick up as many toys (or clothes, or books, etc.) as they can until the timer goes off. Or, time them to see how fast they can pick up a room—challenging them to beat their time with each and every room. This is a great way to get clutter picked up quickly, but it is also a good way to keep kids engaged in the cleaning process. By breaking down seemingly big tasks into small, bite-sized chunks kids will feel more accomplished and eager to continue cleaning.” To read the entire article click here.

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