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Seasonal Household Cleaning Tips

Seasonal Household Cleaning Tips

With the seasonal changes comes the seasonal cleaning that needs to be done. Learn seasonal household fall cleaning maintenance tips that will surely get the home ready for fall.

cleanAccording to an article at news.hamlethub.com, “The Fall Cleaning Season”

“Fall is the season of change, but it’s not just the trees that change. As temperatures drop we start spending more time inside, we turn on the heat in our homes and start drinking hot coffee to stay warm. Thus it is important to stay on top of your fall cleaning and maintenance to protect your home from the elements and to maintain a comfortable living environment. Here are our top five cleaning and maintenance tips to help get you through the fall season.

Clean You’re Windows: The fall is the perfect time to get your windows cleaned. When windows become dirty and degrade over time, the amount of sunlight they let in decreases. Cleaning your windows will save you money spent on your heating bill as outdoor temperatures decrease.

Remove Dust From Inside Your Home: The colder it gets outside the more time we spend inside. Dust and allergens however can make your home feel stuffy and unpleasant. We recommend a thorough house cleaning to remove dust, improve air quality and make your home feel fresh. You should also consider vacuuming your carpets or having them shampooed and steam cleaned. Carpets act as giant sponges absorbing dust, dirt and allergens.

Clear You’re Patio: During the fall it is important to take care of your deck and patio furniture. Your patio furniture should be properly covered or stored. If not, your patio furniture will be subject to falling leaves and debris. If you store your patio furniture inside we recommend cleaning it before storing it so it will be clean and ready to use when spring rolls around. This goes for your home’s grill as well.” To read the entire article click here.

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