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Reputable Cleaning Company in Reno Nevada

Reputable Cleaning Company in Reno Nevada

When hiring a cleaning service for the first time in Reno Nevada, do you know how to keep your belongings safe? Here are a few questions you need to ask your cleaning service to insure safety in your home.

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“Tips for Scheduling Weekly Cleaning

When you need help keeping home maintenance chores on track, there are some things to watch out for:

Hiring an independent worker can be tempting, but consider carefully before you do it. Part time domestic workers are seldom covered by insurance and may be considered employees by the Internal Revenue Service. That could create hassles you don’t want or need. It’s usually safer in the long run to hire a professional cleaning service or agency over an independent worker.

Choose a company you trust. A weekly cleaning schedule usually means inviting someone into your home when you’re not around. Play it safe by carefully evaluating the service you select. Insist on references, and favor companies that have been in business in your community for at least three years.

Other ways you can keep yourself safe:

  • Insist that maids entering your home be bonded.
  • Prefer workers who are covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

You may pay a little more for these features, but they will protect you in the event of loss due to theft and also help cushion you from potential lawsuits for injuries incurred on your property.

Get a realistic estimate. If you’re planning on weekly cleanings, you’re serious about the service. Make sure you’re getting a fair and honest quote by inviting agencies to perform an on-site bid. Although you can typically get a quote over the phone, you’ll avoid confusion and problems later if you can offer real world examples of what you expect a maid to do. If you have a large home, lots of woodwork, antique furnishings or other items that may need special attention, it pays to make everything clear before you sign an agreement.

Ask to have the same person visit your house every time. When you establish a relationship with a specific technician or maid, you’re more likely to get a consistent cleaning every time.”

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