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Reasons to Hire a Pet-Friendly House Cleaning Service in Reno

Are you looking for a cleaning service that’s uses products that are safe around the family and the pets? Learn about the health benefits of green cleaning service.  

earth dayAccording to an article at greenmaidinc.com, “Earth Friendly Cleaning Service”

“It just doesn’t make sense to clean your home any other way.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a harmful to your pet

Anybody can come in to your cozy little home CSI-style, using harsh chemicals and brutal abrasives to scour the premises, probably leaving behind more harmful ingredients than they actually took away. Sure, it’s surface clean. But, is it really clean? Will it be healthy for your family and was it pet-friendly cleaning as well?

Many products used by just any conventional cleaning service will contain ingredients that will be released into the air and deplete the precious ozone layer that environmental agencies have been working for decades now to try and protect. Chemicals like ammonia, phosphates, bleach, heavy metals (not 80?s hair bands either), and more. Many of these products, when washed down the drain, get released into our water supply as well and prove harmful in many ways. What kind of effect do you think these ingredients have on the family dog, who usually has his or her nose to the ground sniffing everything in sight and licking or eating everything he or she may falsely sense as consumable.” To read the entire article click here.

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