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Prevention of Spreading Germs

It’s that time of the year again, were everyone gets sick. Want to know how you can prevent the spread of germs? Here are tips on how you can prevent the spread of germs in your home or work space.

According to an article at sparkpeople.com, “Germ Prevention”

“Cold and flu season can seem like a battleground. Between sick kids, co-workers and friends, you’re bound to pick up some kind of bug by the time spring rolls around. Of course, getting the flu vaccine and practicing good hygiene can prevent illness, but it is possible to get hit with a bug despite your best efforts to prevent it from happening. However, if you do get sick, you have the power to stop the illness from spreading once you’ve caught it! Here’s how to keep your germs to yourself when you find yourself down for the count.

Cover Your Cough
It’s very easy to transmit disease through the airborne particles you expel when coughing and sneezing. Be sure to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue to avoid spraying unsuspecting passersby. Alternatively, sneeze into the crook of your elbow to avoid spreading germs to everything you touch with your hands.

Then, Wash Your Hands
One of the best ways to avoid spreading germs is to wash your hands often, especially after coughing or sneezing into them. When you wash your hands, work soap into a lather and scrub in warm water for about 20 seconds (you should be able to sing “Happy Birthday” twice).

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose and Mouth
When you are carrying a cold or flu virus and touch the mucous membranes of your eyes, nose and mouth, anything else you touch after that will then carry the virus, potentially facilitating the spread of disease to others. Avoid touching your face if possible, and again, wash your hands well after if you do.” To read the entire article click here.

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