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Prepping Your Home for Professional Carpet Cleaners

Are your carpets in need of some TLC?  There are some steps you’ll need to do before you bring in professional carpet cleaner.

According to an article at eminentcarpetcleaning.com, “Prepping for Carpet Cleaners”

“1. Prepare your family to keep clear of the area being cleaned. To keep clients safe, we request that they not plan to walk around the rooms being cleaned during our visit. Pre-treatment of your flooring results in slipperiness, and we want to be certain you and your family do not slip on areas where carpet meets tile or hardwood. Additionally, we want to ensure that no one trips over our vacuum and solution line hoses. Plan for all members of the household to keep clear of the cleaning area during our visit.

2. Please remove all possible furniture from rooms slated for cleaning. If it isn’t possible to remove large furniture, we can carefully clean around it, but please remove dining room chairs, end tables, coffee tables, magazine racks, plants, and any other small to medium-sized furniture. If you cannot move small furniture on your own, ask us for help. We’ll be happy to assist! We can help you move a sofa or dining room table, if needed.

Most clients temporarily store the furniture they’ve moved in areas with hard surfaces such as bathtubs, attached garages and any room not slated to be cleaned. If we’re cleaning your bedroom, you can place small items on top of your bed for temporary storage.

It is not necessary for you to remove large furniture such as china cabinets, entertainment centers, most desks, pianos, bookcases, grandfather clocks and appliances. Feel free to leave these in the room – we’ll clean around them.

3. To ensure best results, thoroughly vacuum all carpet slated to be treated, and use a crevice tool along the wall edges and on steps, using a home vacuum. This would be a good time to install a clean vacuum bag to ensure optimal performance of your appliance. This is especially important if you have pets that shed. If we will be cleaning your furniture please vacuum off pet hair and any debris under the cushions.” To read the entire article click here.

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