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Organizing Clutter in the Home

Is clutter taking over your home? Here are helpful tips to get your home clutter free in no time.

According to an article at popsugar.com, “Clutter free Home”

“1. Create a Positive Purpose

I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking. When it comes to staving off anxiety when trying to get organized, your mindset can make or break you. Trust me, I’ve experienced this first hand. I used to take one look at my cluttered closet with clothes haphazardly thrown in and think, “You’ve really screwed up, buddy. This is going to take you a year to get organized!” The moment that negative seed was planted, I became so panicked that I determined it wasn’t even worth the effort. I set myself up for failure before I even began.

All it took was a little shift in my thinking to get me on the right track to stress-free organization. Now, when I’m ready to tackle a big decluttering project that has the potential to be overwhelming, I start with simply defining why I want to get organized in the first place. I think about how accomplished I’ll feel when I complete it. And most importantly, I remind myself that no one is measuring my progress. If it takes me a few months to get one space organized, who cares? I take all of the pressure off of myself and focus on my why.

2. Make a Plan

Just because you’re in a positive frame of mind doesn’t mean you’re ready to put all of your Target storage containers to use right off the bat. Anxiety is unpredictable, but for me, having a plan in place when I know I’m apt to be stressed is critical. Write down everything in your life you believe would benefit from decluttering. It could be an entire room, a certain drawer or closet, or even something like your email inbox. If it actually worsens your anxiety by being unorganized, it needs to go in the list. Then prioritize. What’s causing you the most turmoil? What can you live with until you can get to is? Once you have your list of most to least important, you can really dig into the details.

For example, if your number one priority is to get your closet organized, list everything you know you will need to make that successful. Do you need to go through clothes to try them and/or donate them? Do you need to get some extra shelving? Do you need to search Pinterest first? Remember, you have no set date of completion, so take some time with this step and get it all down. I prefer to use the old-fashioned pen and paper method to transcribe my plan, but you can use anything your heart desires. Use your iPad, computer, phone, chalkboard, napkin, the arm of a loved one — I don’t freakin’ care! Just make a plan!

3. Set a Time and Stick to It

This is the part where I think people can get the most overwhelmed. Getting started is often the hardest part, so even with a plan, looking at all the tasks that you want to accomplish can be intimidating and anxiety inducing. Start small. Pick a day of the week to start, choose from your #1 Priority Project, and set the timer for a time you feel comfortable with. Even if it’s five minutes, try it and see how you feel. If after five minutes you feel like you can do some more, then do it. Remember, whether you’re taking big bites or small bites, eventually you’re going to finish the whole damn thing. Just commit to starting.” To read the entire article click here.

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