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Now that Summer is Over was the House Cleaning Neglected in Reno

With the seasons changing is it time to get the house cleaning under control and ready for the cooler weather ahead? Here are tips that every homeowner should consider for the fall season.

4055322_sAccording to an article at longisland.com, “Fall Cleaning Checklist”

“Since fall has officially begun and Long Island is already feeling the cold weather,need to start planning. So as we pull out the sweaters, we need to start thinking about our homes. Everyone on Long Island is readying themselves for the colder weather. There are some home repairs we need to start doing to protect our homes for fall and winter weather.

There is a lot to do and many businesses on Long Island can help aid in getting your home fall and winter ready. Check out our list of thing to do around your home:

  • Fall Cleaning: Like spring cleaning, but in the fall. You might as well clean your homes to start the fall off right. 
  • Closing Your Pool: It is getting too cold to enjoy our pools anymore. So, if you have not already, this is the time to drain your pools and cover them. 
  • Clean Gutter: Nothing is worst than clogged gutters in the fall. Leaves get trapped and can potentially cause more harm to your homes.
  • Chimney Cleaning: If you enjoy a nice toasty fire, you need to make sure you get your chimney cleaned yearly. It is a potential fire and carbon monoxide hazard. After the winter season or before the fall, chimney services will clean your chimneys.
  • Sprinklers: As the weather gets colder, water expands. Imagine water expanding in the pipes of your sprinklers. It causes damage, so you will need to expel the water from your sprinkler system before turning it off for the season.” To read the entire article click here.

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