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Need to Make a Change? How About a Greener Lifestyle

Are you looking to turn over a new leaf? How about starting with what comes in and out of your home? Do you want to live a greener lifestyle? Here are a few tips that may help you along the process.

Tips to Help You on The Path of a Green Life

According to an article at health.yahoo.net

“It can be tough to change your daily routine, but you’ll see an enormous payoff when you make the choice to live more naturally. Not only will you feel healthier, you will be more connected to your local community and environment. If you’re looking to live a long and healthy life, you’ll need Mother Earth on your side!

Filtered Water: Less Waste, More Health

Do you know what’s in your water? According to an investigation by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), there are at least 315 pollutants in the tap water Americans drink. More than half of these pollutants are unregulated chemicals for which no safety standards have been created. Where are these pollutants coming from? Industry, agriculture, pollution, and runoff from urban and suburban sprawl are the biggest contributors. In traditional Chinese medicine, water is viewed as a strong symbol of the life that exists on our planet because it nourishes land, plants, and people throughout its journey. Likewise, this is the same life force that flows within the channels of our bodies, so protecting our water supply is crucial.

Start by protecting your water at home with a filtration system that uses carbon-based filters. The EPA has designated carbon as the best current technology for filtering out volatile organic compound (VOCs) like formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. Consider trying the Aquasana Water Filter that I recommend for your home. Use your own reusable glass or stainless steel water bottle to carry your filtered water around with you, instead of using the plastic bottled water. As it turns out, bottled water has been found no healthier than tap water—plus all those bottles add up to a real waste problem. Reduce stress on the earth while you nourish yourself!

Go for Green Cleaning

Another way to reduce your impact on the earth is to use more natural cleaning products at home. Conventional cleaners may look and smell bright and shiny, but they leave toxic residue around our home, produce poisonous runoff that affects the water supply, and waste plastic along the way. Because the manufacturers of these products don’t have to label all of the ingredients on these products, they generally don’t—so you may not even know what you are getting into. Switch to cleaning products that have a list of recognizable ingredients and don’t contain words like “danger” or “poison” on the label. Or, better yet, make your own low-impact cleaning products. They clean your home just as well, without the health concerns.”

Green Home Cleaning Services

Life can get very hectic at times with no time to clean. Need a local residential cleaning service in the Reno-Sparks area? White Lotus does exceptional green cleaning; we understand the needs of our clients and our earth. Click here to visit whitelotusreno.com for more information.

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