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Need Help Decluttering your Home?

Do you find it difficult just getting started on the process of decluttering your home? Let’s take a look at helpful tips on how to jump start on the process of decluttering of your home.

According to an article at cleaninguptheclutter.blogspot.com, “How to Stay Focused on the Task of Decluttering”

9291454_s“Ways to Get Motivated to Clean

1. Invite someone over. Even though we should all work hard on not caring what others think of our homes, in truth, inviting someone over is still a great motivator for house cleaning. Focus on the key areas that a house guest is likely to care about. Clean the bathroom, tidy the kitchen and sweep the entry way. If you’ve still got some energy left, take care of general clutter and run the vacuum. 

2. Recognize that you can get a lot of cleaning done in 15 minutes. It’s almost become trite to say it, but 15 minutes really does go a long way when cleaning house. Set a timer and focus on one room. That’s typically all it takes to pick up general clutter, tidy things and use a dust rag. Sometimes I can even pick up a living room full of toys and vacuum it in 15 minutes. You can do it, too!

3. Make a cleaning play list for your MP3 player, just like you would for working out or running. If you’ve ever been to an aerobics class, whether it’s Zumba, step or Jazzercise, you know that the instructors have fast-paced music chosen specifically for their routines. Many runners also carefully select music to listen to while running. Music is an extremely helpful and motivating tool for exercising. Why not use it for cleaning, too? Download music you love that will get you through your cleaning routine. Use an MP3 player or listen to it on your radio. Use whatever you have that plays music. You can even use music as a timer. Clean while you listen to three songs. Or, create a playlist that is a half hour long and do your daily cleaning routine to it.” To read the entire article click here.

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