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Longing to Hire a House Cleaning Service in Reno

Longing to Hire a House Cleaning Service in Reno

Do you spend quite a few hours each week on household chores? If you’re time-crunched and have always longed to hire a cleaning service so you can catch up on life, learn when its time to bring in the professionals.

house cleanAccording to an article at idreamofclean.net, “In Desperate Need of a Clean Home”

“Most people will admit that they’re too busy. Their calendar is full and they have little margin in their life. It’s their way of life. It may be your life! But, I’m sure you know that there’s busy…and then there’s BUSY! You know, those times when you think you’re going to explode if someone gives you one more deadline or has one more request.

Times like this may be the perfect opportunity to let someone else clean your house for you. It will allow you to spend your time on the more important tasks and focus on the things that only you can do.

Time Value

There’s a little term I learned in undergrad called time value. It’s basically the additional dollar amount your time is worth by being available.

Let’s say it takes you 2 hours to deep clean your home. If you could spend that two hours making $115 and it would only cost $50 to have someone clean your house, then the value added by being available to work is $65.

You would come out ahead financially by allowing someone to help you clean.

Season of Life

Some seasons are just more difficult than others. Perhaps you’re caring for an aging parent, have just become a new mom (or new again mom), started a new job, are in charge of year end at work, an unexpected funeral is taking place, wedding plans have overtaken your life…the examples are endless. If you find yourself learning how to cope with your new responsibilities, maybe you can reduce the stress just by hiring someone to do something as simple as clean your home.” To read the entire article click here.

White Lotus Reno cleaning service understand the needs of time-crunched working professionals and caregivers. To schedule your house cleaning contact White Lotus at 775-525-8100 or visit whitelotusreno.com.




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