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Junk Drawer Organization

Is your drunk drawer out of control? Let’s take a look at simple ways to get your junk drawer organized once and for all.

According to an article at apartmenttherapy.com, “Home Organizational Tips”

Green Cleaning“The perfect junk drawer system needs to be, above all else, fluid. The whole reason junk drawers exist is to catch the things that don’t really have a home. It’s not like your other drawers, where you always tuck away the same 8 forks, 8 knives and 8 spoons. The junk drawer needs to be flexible enough for batteries, birthday cards, band-aids and the occasional set of keys.

For that reason, the best solution is usually something you make or repurpose yourself. The junk drawer is not the place to drop some cash on a custom-fit permanent solution. You need something easy to grab, quick to implement, and cheap enough to DIY over and over again. Here are some ideas…

A Flatware Tray

I know… I just said the junk drawer isn’t like your flatware drawer. But a silverware sorter actually makes for a pretty good solution to make sense of the sorts of things that end up in a catch-all kitchen drawer. Above, Martha Stewart makes use of a wire mesh flatware tray (like this one) in this junk drawer to hold pens, pencils and staples, along with some other small items tucked in between.

Rubber Bands and Velcro Strips

You can use rubber bands to corral wayward paper clips by sliding them on – extra points if they’re all facing the same way and grouped by color, like in this shot from Good Housekeeping. And a velcro strip (the kind you use to wrap cords) is the perfect way to keep binder clips from taking over the drawer.” To read the entire article click here.

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