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Is Your Home Drowning in Clutter?

Are you drowning in clutter? Spring cleaning is a great time to get your home clutter free. Here are easy tips on how to get your home organized once and for all.

According to an article at thespruce.com, “How to Get Rid of Clutter”

9291454_sStep 1: Analysis of Areas

Grab a spiral notebook and a pencil. Take a few minutes and mentally survey each room. In your notebook, jot down the problem areas in the room, putting one problem on a page. You’ll need the rest of the space on that same page for the following steps. The items on the paper should be parts of the room that really bug you, or that your family finds impossible to keep neat.

For example:

Shoes in piles next to your front door; the table in the entryway piled with mail; the magazine rack overflowing with books, magazines, and pamphlets; the coats, hats, and mittens etc. piled in a heap next to the entryway closet.

Carefully (but quickly) analyze each room in the house in this way, making a list of the areas that need improvement.

Here are rooms or parts of your home not to forget about:

  • Junk drawers
  • Medicine cabinets
  • Garages
  • Closets
  • Storage, including attic, basements, crawlspace
  • Outdoors

Tip: We don’t always see the disorder in these areas until we open them and try to find things.

2: Analysis of Reasons

For each of the problem areas in a room, figure out why the disorganization and mess are happening. I find this most easily done if you are actually in the room you are surveying. All answers are acceptable here, including the fact that you live with slobs. Usually, there is more than one reason why an area of your home is continually unorganized.” To read the entire article click here.

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