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Is House Cleaning Just Not at the Top of Your To-Do-List?

Is House Cleaning Just Not at the Top of Your To-Do-List?

Do you dread having to do housework? For many individuals house cleaning is a daily challenge. Here are a few simple tips that could help your cleaning routine.

Green CleaningAccording to an article at chicagotribune.com, “Easy Cleaning Tips”

“Some people love to clean and glory in gleaming porcelain, burnished wood and sparkling glass. For most of us, though, cleaning is a time-eater and anything but fun. Try these speed-cleaning tips to ease the pain and improve your results:

1. Mop windows clean. If you have tall windows, chances are you don’t clean them very often, and when you do, it’s not easy. If you don’t have the time or inclination to drag out a ladder for those hard-to-reach spots, try this trick instead: Take a cleaning pad mop and fasten a microfiber cloth to the mop head. Spray lightly with a quality window cleaning spray, then mop your windows until they shine.

2. Don’t let scratches detract from your furniture. Simple fixes like lemon oil will camouflage scratches and gouges. Don’t have any lemon oil? Just grab a walnut and rub it into the scratch. The nut’s natural oils will do the job.

3. A smelly sponge makes your whole kitchen smell. What’s more, a sour sponge is riddled with bacteria. For sweet sponges all the time, buy a wire sponge caddy to store sponges odor-free. Plastic sponge holders don’t let enough air circulate, and sponge never lie flat.” To read the entire article click here.

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