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Is House Cleaning Getting Overwhelming?

Do you need to simplify your life? Spending too much time trying to figure out when to fit in family time, personal time, and of course did I forget to say “house cleaning?” Here are tips to help manage your life and leave the cleaning to White Lotus.

Make Life Easier With House Cleaning Services

According to an article from housekeepingchannel.com,

“1) When making a list becomes a stalling tactic. Sometimes we know what we need to do, but we don’t really want to get started. In that case, sitting down with a notepad and pen is a lot more appealing than diving into a job we don’t really want to do. Instead, Don Aslett recommends in his article Done! To just “get moving – it will motivate you.”

2) When the list is too long. If you take one look at your to-do list and are instantly overwhelmed, you need to pare it down. In “Can a To-Do List Help Me?” Marcia Ramsland suggests limiting your list to only those tasks you realistically can accomplish in a day. A short list doesn’t mean you’re an underachiever. In fact, three completed items at the end of the day is more of an achievement than nine unfinished ones.

3) When it isn’t prioritized. Just like having too many items on your list, having an unprioritized list can be paralyzing. Where do you start? Ramsland suggests prioritizing your list by asking yourself, “If I could do only ONE thing today, what would it be?” Continue the process until each item has a priority designation.

4) When you lose the list. Is it buried underneath this pile of papers on the desk, on top of the refrigerator, or in the car? If you can’t find the list, you can’t check off items as you complete them. Find a good spot for your to-do list and leave it there so you’ll know where to find it.

5) When you have too many lists. From pencil and paper to email reminders to mobile apps, there’s a to-do list method for everyone. But this can become a problem when you try to use them all.

6) When it goes unused. Even if you have a small, neat list of prioritized activities and you know where to find it, it will be useless if it doesn’t help you get things done. In that case, you may need motivation, which often stems from having a clear sense of direction. What would happen if you didn’t do any of the items on your list? If you can say that it won’t matter, then the right items aren’t on your list. You need to think through your direction, get your focus, and find some motivation. Next week’s blog post will help with that.”

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When life gets too hectic to clean your home, you need a house cleaning service in Reno, NV. Take the stress load off your shoulders and leave it to the professionals. Get in touch with White Lotus Exquisite Home Cleaning!


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