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How to Tackle the Task of Cleaning Your Closet

What’s the one place that people avoid cleaning in their home? Is your closet overflowing with clothes you haven’t worn for years? Let’s take a look at tips on how to clean out your closets.

According to an article at rd.com, “Cleaning the Closets”

clean 2“1. Divide and Conquer
“I’ve worked hands-on with so many clients and they all tell me the same thing — they tend to pull everything out of their closets and then they run out of time and they push it all back in, which makes it worse than it was to begin with. So my suggestion to them is to divide and conquer. On a Saturday morning do your shoes, at other times do your slacks. People have told me that breaking it up into small projects has changed their life.’ 
— Mary Pankiewicz, professional organizer and author of Clutter-Free & Organized

Tidy Up Your Top Shelf

‘Those who stack sweaters and T-shirts on shelves in their closets know it can become a jumbled mess, since stacks often fall over. For those clients I recommend the Slide N Stax Clothing Organizer. It is amazing because it is a plastic clear piece with sides and a bottom that fits on the top shelf and you can just bring that one piece down when you need something, instead of tipping over your stacked items.’ Beth Levin, professional organizer, Closet Queen 

Group, Group, Group

“I would always recommend grouping ‘like with like.’ It enables people to find items quickly. All tank tops together, all capri pants together in one area. Some people like to group items by sleeve length — and there are a few in the spring and summer seasons. I’ve even seen people use color-coded hangers but I don’t recommend it — too time consuming!’” To read the entire article click here.

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