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How to Tackle Clutter in the Home

How to Tackle Clutter in the Home

Does your home need a good declutter? Learn creative ways to organize your home and be organized once and for all.

mom cleaningAccording to an article at netmums.com, “Easy Home Organizational Tips” 

“A good declutter does wonders for the soul – not only will the house look tidier but you’ll be able to enjoy a more relaxing, stress-free home that seems orderly and light when you look around. You don’t need to be exceptionally ruthless but it does help if you can detach yourself from things and be honest about what you are/aren’t using. The following tips will help you get started:-

  • If you’re the sentimental type that dislikes throwing things out, the best course of action is to get a big box and store things up in the loft, alternatively, find a cupboard/drawer/shelf for it that it can live happily on without invading any floor space.
  • If items are broken set yourself a deadline to get them fixed, if you don’t meet it, throw them away or pass them on to somebody else.
  • Create separate files for paintings, letters and school information so you can locate documents quickly when you need them.  
  • Store toys in wicker baskets or storage boxes with lids. A lid means you can put everything away at the end of the night and enjoy a few toy-free hours before you head off to bed.
  • Recycle any clothes you’ve outgrown and organize draws and wardrobes so you can find trousers, shirts, jumpers, underwear etc. more easily. It also helps to have a designated school drawer to make getting ready for school that little bit easier.  
  • Buy a shoe rack and encourage the family to put their shoes there when they come home, not only will they be able to find them again in the morning but it will also prevent them hanging around in different rooms and being kicked under beds where you can’t find them.” To read the entire article click here.

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