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How to Prepare Your Home for Last Minute Holiday Guest

How to Prepare Your Home for Last Minute Holiday Guest

Are you in a bit of a time crunch with unexpected house guest arriving shortly? Here are tips that will help you get prepared for those last minute house guest.

Green_productAccording to an article at racked.com, “Is the House Not Ready For Unexpected House Guest?”

“This is the time of year when you’re most likely to have drop-in guests. It’s great fun, of course, but sometimes those guests don’t give you a whole lot of time to get your home looking tip-top before they arrive. These are a few quick things you can do to make your house look deceptively clean.

Git rid of that smell
One of the first things people notice about your home is the smell—good or bad. It’s tempting to light a scented candle and call it a day, but if your house has an underlying smell of the not-so-pleasant variety, what you’ll end up with is an apple cinnamon-scented cat pee-smelling living room. The trick is to get your home to a neutral odor and then add the scent of your choice. To do this, set small bowls of white vinegar (about a cup of the stuff will do it) in your primary living spaces; the acidity in the vinegar will neutralize your home’s “natural” scent.

Declutter your space
The holidays are a time when homes get crowded with decorations, gifts, and people. Take some time early in the season to remove clutter and make room for all that extra stuff. One problem area to focus on is the entryway, where shoes, bags, coats, scarves, gloves, and other cold-weather gear can easily get out of control (bins, baskets, and hooks are a great way to corral these items!). Piles of mail and stacks of magazines should be sorted and purged, and kitchen counters should be cleared off to make space for cookies, candy, and those inevitable fruitcakes.

Straighten and vacuum
Got guests arriving on short notice? Making a few quick cosmetic fixes before the doorbell rings will go a long way. Focus your attention on the room in which you plan to do most of your entertaining; fluff and straighten sofa cushions, fold throw blankets, straighten stacks of books, and organize magazines and remote controls on the coffee table. If you’ve got time for it, running the vacuum is an easy way to make a room look much, much cleaner than it might actually be.” To read the entire article click here.

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