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How to Keep the Air Clean in the Home During the Winter Season

For many people winter is a brutal time because everything is closed up. Wonder how you can purify the air in your home throughout the winter season? Let’s take a look at tips on how to battle indoor air pollutants.

According to an article at cheatsheet.com, “Purifying the Air in Your Home During the Winter Season”

39575533_s“Winter is an especially sensitive time for indoor air pollutants because windows and doors are closed shut for months on end. With no fresh air circulating, your home re-filters the same dirty air.

No need to freak out just yet – even if your household and personal hygiene upkeep is sincerely appalling. Many of these pollutants are unavoidable, like pets and upholstered furniture, but luckily here are seven easy ways to significantly increase the purity of your air.

1. Use non-toxic cleaning products (no VOC)
There is less ventilation in the winter, meaning that your toxic cleaning products will hang in the air and on your counter surfaces. Switch to non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for yourself, your family, and your pets.

2. Vacuum and change bedding often
If I had to guess, bedding in most men’s apartments stays snug on the bed until it becomes a dire situation. I could probably say the same about the vacuum cleaner that ironically collects dust in the front closet. Change your bedding every two weeks (at least) and try vacuuming two or three times a week. You’ll probably find you get less sick and have less allergies.

3. Purchase a Himalayan salt lamp
Himalayan salt isn’t only a wonderful addition to your diet but comes in the form of a lamp too. The crystallized salt is heated by a small bulb inside that releases negative ions, which are known to neutralize pollutants in the air. It’s both a fantastic nightlight and will help clean the room.” To read the entire article click here.

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