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How to Interact with a Cleaning Service Company in Reno

How to Interact with a Cleaning Service Company in Reno

Need help learning keeping the lines of communication open when hiring a house cleaning service? Learn ways to keep the lines of communication open with your house cleaning service so both parties are happy.

4055322_sAccording to an article at care.com, “What Do You Need From Your Cleaning Service?”

“Housecleaning companies typically have systems in place for scrubbing a house. If you’re thinking of hiring a cleaning company — or have already hiring one — you should be able to communicate your own needs and housekeeping goals to the agency.

Here are expert tips about interacting with a company so you’re both on the same page and you get the quality of service you expert.

Outline What You Want
Discuss your needs with the cleaning company before hiring them. The company should be aware of exactly what you’re looking for. Each house is unique and your unique needs should be communicated.

“Sharing what drove a person to call a service is important,” says Amy Olson, director of marketing at The Maids International. Why do you need the help? Communicate how often you’ll need to utilize the cleaning service upfront. “For instance, is the consumer looking for a one-time clean to prepare for guests or a party, or hoping to schedule regular, ongoing cleaning service?,” suggests Olson.

“Everyone has their own definition of clean and has a particular way that they like things done,” says Melissa Homer, chief cleaning officer at MaidPro. “Good companies understand that cleaning is personal and want you to share your preferences with them. So, communicate, communicate, communicate. If a company is not open to your suggestions, move on. A maid service should make your life easier and not harder.” To read the entire article click here.

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