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How to Get Your Home Functional Again

How to Get Your Home Functional Again

Do you ever feel like the house is caving in on you? With the endless amount of clutter lingering around it’s no wonder you can’t relax in your home. Here are tips on how to get your home back to feeling peaceful.

cleanAccording to an article at huffingtonpost.com, “Spring Cleaning: Getting the House in Order”

“Spring cleaning might be one of those annual home maintenance projects that you are dreading having to do, as it conjures up overwhelming ideas of exhausting hours of labor with minimal results. When done methodically, spring cleaning can actually be an easy and productive process that makes your home more organized and tidy. Featured here are three simple spring cleaning solutions to help you quickly and easily make your home more functional.

De-clutter Your House

Over the years, many people tend to collect knick knacks (whether they be purchased or received as a gift). While some of these collectibles might be valuable or cherished, others are simply unnecessary objects that simply add clutter to one’s home. Not only can these little trinkets make it more difficult to dust around, more often than not, they are visually distracting (and don’t add to the ambiance of your home decor). To de-clutter your home, take a good look around, and determine which items you can give away, sell, or discard of. The ‘less is more’ approach to home decorating is a great thought to keep in mind when you are de-cluttering your house. By having less items in a given room, the focus then is able to go toward the important pieces, such as artwork, furniture and key accessories.” To read the entire article click here.

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