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How to Get a Handle on Laundry

Are you tired of the endless laundry that build up in your home? Let’s take a look at what to consider when making a laundry schedule that fits your family.

According to an article at household-management-101.com, “Reducing the Piles of Laundry in Your Home”

45866313_s“When you make a weekly schedule for your laundry, make sure you take into consideration the following things:

  • Size of your family
  • The number of loads of each type you need to do weekly
  • The types of material that need to be washed, such as towels, blankets, sheets, dish rags, and clothes
  • Your typical weekly schedule, such as when you (or another responsible adult or child) will be home to work on the laundry
  • Any special clothing needs that occur routinely, such as sports uniforms or uniforms for work, that must be used on certain days
  • The amount of accidents, such as bedwetting or spills on clothes that typically occur in a week which necessitate unscheduled laundry
  • Whether laundry is done for each person separately, or everyone’s laundry is put together” To read the entire article click here.

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