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How to Find the Highest-Quality Cleaning Service in Reno

How to Find the Highest-Quality Cleaning Service in Reno

Does your home need the expertise of a professional house cleaning company? Here are tips on what to ask a reputable house cleaning company to ensure your home looks its best at all times.

house cleanAccording to an article at angieslist.com, “Finding a Cleaning Company”

“Tips for hiring a house cleaning service:

Interview the service: It’s important you interview not only a representative from a house cleaning service, but also the actual person who will be cleaning your home. You should be comfortable with them, especially if they’ll be working while you’re not at home. Ask if the same crew from the house cleaning company will be at your home each time.

Ask about background checks: House cleaners have access to your personal space, so you need assurance that the crew that comes into your home is trustworthy. Ask if the company does background checks on their employees and if the service maintains proper liability insurance.

What’s the rate? The cost for a professional cleaning service will depend on the services you request, the frequency of visits and the size of your home. Ask if they charge by the hour or by the project? Don’t settle for an estimate over the phone – most house cleaning services offer free in-home estimates.

Establish clear expectations: Don’t be shy making your wishes known. If you want clutter removed from under beds or a 7-foot bookshelf dusted at every visit, put it in writing. The house cleaning service may have requests of their own, such as bedding being stripped prior to their arrival. Do a walk-through of your house and make a list of your priorities and desires – it may take a couple of cleanings for you and the company to get accustomed to each other.” To read the entire article click here.

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