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How to Create a Chore Chart for Roommates

Do you need help keeping roommates on-top of house cleaning? Let’s take a look at simple tips to creating a clean home environment when sharing your home with roommates.

According to an article at mymove.com, “Chore Chart for Roommates”

house cleaning“1. Decide what needs to be done.

Make a comprehensive chore list of all that need to be done daily, weekly or monthly. Examples may include:

  • Daily chores:Cooking dinner, dishes, after-meal cleanup (wipe off countertops and sink, etc.), take out garbage, pick up clutter around the house, quick bathroom clean-up

If you eat meals separately, you should each be responsible for cleaning up after yourself. Likewise, both people can do a quick bathroom clean-up (wipe down sink, countertop and toilet) as necessary. If you find it’s not getting done, however, add it to the chore list and divide the responsibilities.

Of course, you should each be responsible for making your own bed and doing your own laundry. If you have a cat, you alone are responsible for the cat’s care, including scooping litter boxes or picking up stray food from the floor. (Neither is a problem with a dog, of course!)

You should also pick up your own clutter in common areas. Again, if it doesn’t get done, add it to the chore list and make one person responsible each day. (With this agreement comes permission to touch your roommates personal items and place them in one area for them to sort.)

  • Weekly chores:Vacuuming, dusting common areas, cleaning out the refrigerator, taking garbage to the curb, mowing the lawn, grocery shopping (if common meals)
  • Monthly chores: Scrubbing tub/shower/toilet, washing floors, cleaning coffee pot, washing windows, scrubbing refrigerator clean, shopping for household items like cleaning products, paper goods, etc.” To Read the entire article click here.

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