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How to Clean Air Ducts

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your air ducts? Here are tips on how to properly clean the air ducts in your home.

According to an article at buzzle.com, “Tips on Cleaning Air Ducts”

house cleaning service“The state of cleanliness of the duct has direct impact on how healthy you are. It takes time to completely replace the existing air in the house, as the filtered fresh air comes through the duct of the heating and cooling system of the house. Thus, allergens stay longer in the house than they normally would. This puts you at an additional risk of catching allergies. For this reason, you should consider giving the duct a cleaning. If you or any other member of the family is allergic or has asthma, then the cleanup on a regular basis is a must. You may also consider hiring professionals, if there is a sudden increase in the symptoms in any of your family members.

Cleaning the Grills
The ducts that open in the walls, floor and/or ceiling of your sitting room, study room, bedrooms, etc., have vent covers, return-air grilles or registers on them. Unscrew them using a screw driver, so that you can clean the ducts that are present behind them. Use few drops of lubricating oil on screws, if they are not easy to unscrew. Cleaning these grilles or registers is important, as they also act as filters. During the filtration of the air, the allergens get stuck to them and invade the slits and the crevices present in them. The allergens also get stuck in the pores of the material, that does the actual filtering of the air. Place the grilles or the registers on the newspaper, that is spread on the floor. Soak the rag in the hot water and clean them thoroughly. Soak a sponge in the household cleaner and clean the dirt off the grille or the registers. Put them in sunlight to get rid of the moisture or dry them using paper napkins. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt on the newspaper.” To read the entire article click here.

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