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How to Attack House Clutter

Are you in need of a plan on how to get your home organized before the kids go back to school? Let’s take a look at easy tips to help you tackle clutter in the home.

According to an article at powerofmoms.com, “Tackle the Mess and Clutter Once and for All”

mom cleaning“Step One: Identify the kind of feel that you want in your home.

Pinterest, blogs, and magazines are great resources for helping us identify what we want our homes to look like, but here’s the trick: Don’t get caught up in the paint colors, furniture, knick knacks, and absence of real life that tends to make up most of the photos you find beautiful. Instead, focus on what you can replicate–with your current possessions and income.  A house full of garage-sale items and outdated clothing can still feel clean and beautiful.  Decor can come later. When I did a basic search of minimalist living, these are the kinds of images that spoke to me.

Step Two: Write “Simplify the house” on a Current Projects List that you review weekly.

It’s nearly impossible to declutter the entire house in one weekend.  Maybe if everyone leaves on vacation and you stay at home. But if you’re going to make this a family affair and keep up with “all the other stuff” in the process, you need to label this as a project. Get out a sheet of paper (or a note in Evernote) and title it “Current Projects List.”  Then write down the main projects you’re working on–including home simplification (the total number of projects, for me, is usually around 7 or 8).  Review this list each Sunday as you’re planning out your week.  (If you don’t have a weekly planning session in place, put it on your calendar and create an alarm on your phone to remind you to do it!)

Step Three:  Calendar which rooms will be simplified/organized on which days.

It’s helpful to first list the areas of the home that need to be organized–and then number them according to the order in which you’d like to work on them.  You then add that list to your calendar.” To read the entire article click here.

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