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How Dispose of Toxic Cleaning Supplies from Your Home

How Dispose of Toxic Cleaning Supplies from Your Home

Looking for ways to start living a greener life? Have you considered starting with the cleaning products you purchase? Here are tips on how to dispose of toxic cleaning supplies.

green cleaning 1According to an article at groovygreenlivin.com, “Removal of Toxic Cleaning Chemicals”

“Here’s what NOT to do with toxic cleaners:

  • DON’T flush them. Flushing toxins down your toilet could potentially contaminate waterways.
  • DON’T pour them down the drain. These toxins could end up polluting a river, lake or stream.
  • DON’T dump them in your yard. They will end up poisoning plants, animals and you.
  • DON’T throw them away in the trash or recycle bin. It’s actually illegal to throw hazardous waste in with your trash. They will end up in a landfill where they leak into the soil and air.
  • DON’T burn them. This could cause poisonous fumes, a dangerous explosion and air pollution.

Here are a few tips to help you safely dispose of toxic cleaning supplies:

  • Treat cleaning supplies as hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is any product that is poisonous or toxic, can catch on fire or could mix with other chemicals and cause an explosion or dangerous reaction.
  • Check in with Earth911.com for disposal rules in your area. Just type in your zip and your options will appear. I typed in “household cleaners” and my zip code. A number of hazardous waste collection programs came up.
  • Many cities and towns have regular collection days or local collection sites that can take the toxins off your hands and dispose of them properly. Contact your local Department of Public Works for more options.” To read the entire article click here.

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